Love: Good friends!

Every now and then I post about things that excite me or artists that I come across on the fantastic tubes of wonder.  It’s easy with so much going on in this wonderful world of the internet to overlook some of my favorite artists because they are already so known and close to me. But then occurs to me, you might not know them and that is such a shame!

Tonight I’d like to direct your attention to my good friend Elaine’s shop Audelaine

Named after a combination of her and her daughters name (her faithful companion in craft even at only 2ish!) Elaine’s shop is filled with a charming assortment of upcycled and handmade one of a kind delights! Here’s a adorable top of a pin cushion that i covet every time i look at her shop.

Elaine says it best in her blurb in her shop. “I can’t help it, I am a maker. I like to make stuff out of fabric, paper, felt, ink, glue, buttons, and shrink plastic. I am inspired by odd forms found in nature. I am especially intrigued by toxicity, symbiotic relationships, anything with tentacles or feelers, exoskeletons and invertebrates. Unexpected juxtapositions and curious appendages are often in my work. I also have a healthy appreciation for vintage style and kitsch. I have 2 dogs, a BFA from UCSD, a toddler and a whole lot of imagination.”

Elaine and I used to live in an awesome warehouse in East Oakland but now we talk on the phone making things all the while and discussing all things craft and where did that mystery sand in my hoodie pocket come from? Go check out her shop! She makes good stuff!

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  1. Audelaine February 27, 2009 at 1:38 pm #

    you are awesome, thank you so much for featuring me! here’s to a life filled with making wonderful things of all kinds for the world to share.