Going: Murano!

Our last day in Italy! We took the Vaparetto out to the island of Murano. It was such a great way to spend the last day. The boat ride out there really gives you a great idea of how big the space of the lagoon is.  We could see the snowy alps from our boat ride.

2009-93-miriamdemaThe boat ride to the island was pretty long- I think we took a longer route as our boat ride back was super fast. But it really gives you time to look around and take it all it. We were in a tiny little boat like this one. They are about half the size of the regular vaparetto boats that go about the canals.


2009-95-miriamdemaCanal in Murano!

Murano was great. It was so much more chill than Venice, there were a lot fewer people wandering around and it had this great sleepy village vibe. We wandered around poking in at some of the stores and then went to the Murano Glass museum. They have a great collection of historic glass made on the island! After the museum we went to a long leisurely lunch. It was super nice to chill out for a bit-I really enjoyed our lunch and taking out time to enjoy it on our last day.

Spider Crab Pasta!
Glass Sculpture on Murano
After lunch, more shopping! I guess it doesn’t hurt that already love blown glass and was happy to look in all the shops at every pretty thing I could. We both bought some beautiful necklaces in Murano and coveted all the modern chandeliers and glass wear. We didn’t get to see any of the furnaces in action of them blowing glass but the shopping was amazing! I’d happily go stay on Murano for a few days as it’s a bit more chill and relaxed than Venice.

On the boat ride back I took some great semi blurry pics. I really like how they turned out so I thought I share them with you.


2009-100-miriamdemaHere’s the sunset our last night in Italy! So that’s it! Our whole trip! Thanks for keeping up with me as I posted after I got back. It really was super amazing, fantastic and all kinds of wonderful. My travel companion was great- super fun and easy to travel with and I’m so glad she went with me.

The travel bug totally has me in it’s clutches now! I think before I didn’t realize how possible everything is- how you can allow it to cost a bit of money but you can also travel on a budget and still have a really great time. I want to go back when it’s a tad warmer to the sea side villages of Cinque Terre and last night a friend reminded me of Lake Como. Oh, and there’s France and Spain- I hear they have some pretty damn awesome art and snacks as well!

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