Going: On to Venice!

But first one last morning at our apartment!In which we pack, take pictures of the awesomeness that was our apartment and have one last Florence breakfast lunch.

2009-79-miriamdemaMy sweet bedroom I slept in while staying at the apartment.
2009-80-miriamdemaclynne “packing” her suitcase while I made lunch.
2009-81-miriamdemaLunchtime! First I took some butter…and then I put a handful of lardo into the pan and pan fried it in the butter!
That would be fat fried in fat for those of you not paying attention.
2009-82-miriamdemaAfter the lardo was reduced to crispy bits I added sage, and topped it all over fresh pumpkin ravioli with shaved radicchio.

So after that amazingness and clearing out of the apartment we headed off to Venice!
2009-83-miriamdemaHere we are on the train!

We got into Venice pretty late in the evening due to the train leaving later and it’s a bit of a train ride so we made our way to our new hotel which happened to be located right near the train station which was super convenient for two sorta tired travelers.We got some advice on where to find dinner and off we went to have what they call in Venice “chechitti” the most amazing delicious bar snacks. Basically you roll up to a bar- ask for a drink a glass of house wine or a Compari Spritz and then point at what ever snacks they have laid out. You can sample the most amazing little bits of sea food, tiny sandwiches, fried balls of toasty dough…pretty much anything that’s tiny, fresh and local! It was so fantastic! We wandered around for awhile doing this and then finally back to our hotel to fall into a deep sleep that only bar hopping can provide.

The next morning, Saturday we got up had breakfast at the hotel and hopped on a Vaperetto and headed over to St. Marks Square.

2009-84-miriamdemaView from the boat
2009-85-miriamdemaOoh look, flooded!
2009-86-miriamdemaSt. Mark’s Square!

2009-87-miriamdemaWe had to go up on platforms to get into St.Marks due to recent flooding!

Then we were inside! Holy moly! All the gold tile!!!! It was amazing! The funny thing is when we first went in the main lights were off, most likely do to mid day mass. We went to look at the Alter at the front of the church which is this amazing gold thing and the reliquaries in a side room and when we came back out all the lights were on and it was even more impressive. Everything practically glittered!
2009-88-miriamdemaThis is from the upstairs balcony. You’re totally not allowed to take pics but I couldn’t help to snap one.

2009-89-miriamdemaView from the roof of St. Peters towards the Doge’s Palace
After a break for lunch from St. Peters we went to the Doge’s Palace. It was pretty cool- I was a tad bit overwhelmed with all of the museums we had seen but I really enjoyed this giant room the Doge used to greet people in. It really is super ginormous. and on the other end it had “the world’s largest oil painting” so…um, yeah pretty big!

2009-90-miriamdemaThe floors in Venice are this special kind of marble chip flooring that is flexible with the sinking of the city!2009-91-miriamdemaAfter the doge’s Palace we wandered over to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. Clynne took a postcard writing break and I hit another museum. I gotta say at this point my brain and cultural eyes were full up. I’m glad I went, it was tiny and totally easy to see but I’m not sure I really appreciated it. Plus it bugged the heck out of me that inside the house are all these amazing pictures of what the house looked like when she lived there,(it was neat to see where she had all of the art and how the house was decorated) the thing that bugged me was that you couldn’t buy copies of these images in postcard form nor where they in any of the books for sale. It was the thing I found most interesting about the whole museum but they didn’t seem to think it was that entertaining or I imagine they don’t own the copyright to the images- but kinda a disappointment.

After out last museumy thing for the day we prowled back to the San Marco area for more Chichetti! Here’s a picture of some of them- it was dark so it’s slightly blurry but you get the idea.
2009-92-miriamdemaVenice really is beautiful! I think I would have been more into it had the boy had been with me like originally planned so that was a bit hard to handle at times. It really is remarkably romantic. You really can just wander around all day stumbling upon things you didn’t know were there and are quite surprising. I’d love to go back during better weather and enjoy it a bit more.

Plus- more tiny fishes to eat!
Tomorrow- our last day- we went to the Glass Island of Murano and spent all of our money!

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