Going: Flea markets and museums

We got up pretty early Tuesday and after a yummy breakfast (gotta love those groceries we bought) we took a cab out of town a bit to Cacine Park where there is a flea market every tuesday. It was pretty interesting…it was different from the other markets we had been to , this one was more local in nature and had an almost old grandma feel to it. There were lots of vendors selling everyday goods- socks/clothes…random kitchen stuff neither of us could fit into our luggage.

The cab driver was pretty awesome because he dropped us off at the furthest point and we walked back towards town. We got some more meats as well as some of the best biscotti cookies the whole trip! I also picked up some great trim and ribbon from one of the vendors.



After walking our way back towards town we detoured away from the park to an Art Exhibition called “Work Wear” it was super great! It was a giant installation of work uniforms, designer uniforms, sound components and huge video screens.
2009-63-miriamdemahere’s a blurb: Pitti WORKWEAR, a new exhibition project from the people behind Pitti Uomo fashion show, opened to solid reviews on Wednesday. As Bruce Pask at The Moment describes, “There were rows and rows of uniforms, from metallic fireproof suits and Carhartt construction-worker classics to doppelgängers with designer labels: jumpsuits from Thierry Mugler and Agnès b., a leather apron dress from Hermès and some great pieces from Gianni Versace’s 1994 women’s collection inspired by men’s overalls were great representations of the influence of the workman on fashion.” The exhibit gallery will be opened through February 8th at Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy.



The previous night we read about it in a local newspaper and we were super glad to have combined it with our field trip to the Cacine Park flea market.

We we’re still a bit far from town near the Stazione Leopolda so we set out for the Santa Maria Novella church. Kind of a hike but we made it there as well as a nearby museum that was fantastic the Museo Nazionale Alinari Della Fotgrafia. An entire museum devoted to Italian photography and the art of photography. They had an amazing collection filled with antique images, vintage images and some contemporary works. I would make this one of my stops every time I’m in Florence. If you go be sure not to miss the room in the very back with beautiful brass stereo optic machines. Really amazing!

After that museum and right before we fell over from not eating lunch we popped into the Officina Profumo of Santa Maria Novella. The most beautiful ‘church’ to perfume where nuns make all the most amazing concoctions! It was all dark wood and heady air in there- a little overwhelming with it’s fanciness but we muddled though and bought some things and emerged back out into the fresh air ready for lunch!

Nope no pics of lunch- at was at some place good but casual. After lunch I wandered around some more and then met up with clynne back at home where we both watched the inauguration ceremony and speeches. We had thought maybe we would go out to find somewhere to watch but instead decided to celebrate by going out for yummy Bistecca Tuscan steaks!

We went to a well known and well reviewed traditional restaurant called “Sostanza” and it was delicious!
When I asked my waiter how big the steak was because it was listed in grams he brought it out for me to see!!!

2009-66-miriamdema Wow, what a superb looking piece of meat!
2009-67-miriamdemaHere it is all cooked, it was so good! Rare- slightly salty and pretty much just tasting of meat!2009-68-miriamdemaoop, all gone!

2009-69-miriamdemaHere’s the inside of Sostanza. Kinda empty as it was a bit early. We never could quite get the hang of going out at 10pm for dinner. After dinner we walked about some more and ended up on the other side of town for a late night gelato and then back to our apartment to watch parts of the inaugural balls filter into BBC. All in all a pretty fantastic way to ring in a new day!!!

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