Going: Lazy days!

Lazy days in Italy and who am I kidding- they weren’t that lazy. But we did hang around the apartment on Sunday- just taking it all in- making some food and not going to a bajillion museums.

2009-46-miriamdemaGiant cobblestones!

In the afternoon we went out for a walk. It was rainy again but not too much. We wandered across the Arno river to the other side of the city and happened upon a great little organic farmer’s market in a church square. Not quite sure where we were but we bought more food! Some cheese, yummy hippie bread filled with nuts and dried fruits and some honey.

2009-47-miriamdemaGiant wheels of cheese!

2009-48-miriamdemaAfter that we wandered up towards the Duomo for Gelato and Clynne got Hot Chocolate Caldo. Grom Gelato- super yummy! I went twice and they make some mighty tasty frozen treats. See the Duomo peeking in behind the Gelato?! More on that tomorrow when we get up close and personal with it instead of just wandering by it staring at it with our mouths wide open. After our walk about Clynne made us a delicious meal with some of the things from our Mercato trip. Seared pork chops with Broccoli Rabe and pasta with sage butter. Oh- and she cooked the Broccoli Rabe in Lardo. Yay for Lardo!  Tomorrow the endless museum of Taxidermy and the Duomo!

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