Going: The Vatican

I knew we were going to go to the Vatican so I should have been prepared and all…but then I found myself at The Vatican and inside one of the most ginormous churches I have ever imagined being inside and I was still “Holy Moly! It’s the Vatican!” Or the church is St. Peters to be specific, It’s huge! The front is huge and then you walk and and it’s giantttttttt! I think I thought it was pretty damn cool.

Here’s some pictures!

2009-19-miriamdemaJust the front door to the giant church!
2009-20-miriamdemaThe front yard to the Vatican.
There is a back yard fwiw, it’s the pope’s gardens- you can see them from the roof of the dome and they look sooo perfect.
2009-21-miriamdemaDid i say roof of the dome!?! Yep, that’s right folks…you can climb a bajillion stairs to the very tip top of St. Peter’s. But more on that in a moment. This is the inside, See how big it is!
2009-22-miriamdemaNah…you can barely tell how big it is. But that thing in the middle of the picture is SEVEN STORIES TALL! 2009-23-miriamdemaHere we are looking up it to the ceiling of the dome!2009-24-miriamdemahere’s a sculpture that guarded the entry to the crypt’s below.
It’s a whole life size skeleton covered in a giant swoop of marble carved to look like fabric.2009-25-miriamdemaSo about that dome and climbing it! Here we are about half way up. We cheated and paid 7 euro to take the elevator up to the base of the dome, which isn’t that much of a cheat considering you still have to climb 4oo something stairs!

2009-26-miriamdemaLittle tiny stairs that loo like this. ok- all of the stairs don’t look like that…but a buncha them do. I took a lot of breaks while climbing. It’s just my way- climb a little poke my head out a window and take a picture-then climb some more.2009-27-miriamdemaEventually I got to the top and what a view! Everything looked so tiny because we we’re so freaking far up and it was raining, a lot! 2009-28-miriamdemaHere I am with rain on my camera trying to stay out of the wind. I hung out up there for a bit and then walked down all the steps back to the base of the dome.  Here’s where it gets a bit blurry…see it was raining a lot…and the roof of the Vatican is a might bit slippery, what with being made entirely of bricks. So yes- I fell….hydroplaned while protecting my camera. It was a bit funny till I realized people were watching me but alas I think that was the low moment of the trip so all in all – not too bad. To drown my sorrows and uh…get out of the rain for a minute I wandered into the Vatican gift shop on the roof. It was by far the best church gift shop ever. The rain didn’t let up and I made a dash for the elevator.

After all that we required a lunch break and another bottle of wine. We wandered to some place from one of our guidebooks and waited for the massive storm to pass up a bit. After lunch we went to The Vatican Museum! which was pretty cool but you’ll just have to take my word for it as alas, also no pictures allowed. We got in to see the Sistine Chapel relatively uncrowded- one of the awesome benefits of traveling in the winter!

Here we are leaving the Vatican Museum and realizing just how long the lines get in the busy times. There were a couple of these big cattle herder’s to keep people from wandering into the street while they wait in line. Hooray for traveling in winter with no lines!!!


After all of that we took the subway home and chilled out and a bit later went out for a delicious meal at a restaurant called Matricianel. It was super yummy and I would highly recommend it. I had a lovely salad with fresh cheese and super yummy Saltimbocca. Clynne had fried squash blossoms, gnocchi, and baked fennel. Check out my flicker for more pics of the food!

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