Going: Bones and stones and stuff

Day Two in Roma! After another delicious filling breakfast at our B&B we hit the road to wander around Rome some more and see some more sights.

2009-15-miriamdemaFirst up the Baths of Diocletian- a very cool church built on the ruins of ancient baths. This church was interesting because it had so many science exhibits in it, also this really cool sun dial calender. They basically carved a whole in the wall and then marked on the ground as time went by to commemorate special events. You can barely see it but up in the left is a gold blob and that’s where the hole is. We kinda stumbled onto this church while on the way to our next stop.


Santa Maria Della Vittoria with it’s fabulous Bernini sculpture “Ecstasy of St. Theresa” the whole church was fantastic. Covered from one end to another in Gothic Baroque details.

From there we walked to the Cappuccin Crypt’s which was a bit intense. It’s basically 5-6 rooms of large sculptural assemblages created entirely out of human bones. They ask that you not take pictures and as a good little tourists I followed the rules (which i followed most of the trip except for that one time i took a picture in the subway and was threatened with arrest!) I bought some postcards so you’ll just have to take my word for it (or google it) it was way weird! so carefully assembled, you would be looking at all the patterns and suddenly realize ohhh…those are jawbones…because it was hard to tell with all the patterns.

After staring at bones we refreshed our minds by tackling the Rome subway system! It’s was actually pretty easy and they have machines that will switch to English so i highly recommend it if your trying to get around rome and save you some walking.

We took the subway to THE COLOSSEUM!!!

and yes, it really does need to be in capitol letters like that!
it was so much bigger than i thought it would be, sometimes things end up smaller but no…it’s pretty damn big!
we wandered all around it and checked out the special exhibit of art. It was all about stolen works and how some parts of them have been returned and what’s still missing.


Here we are looking all travel like- this might be one of the few pics of us together as miss connielynne is a notorious picture evader. After tromping all over the Colosseum we took a break for lunch- some wine, sandwiches, and gelato. Pretty tasty!

It was getting on dusk after our late lunch but my guidebook mentioned that the Capitolini museums were open later so we climbed this big hill and went to that museum. Pretty interesting as well- i really fancied how thye displayed their ancient sculptures- all of them were set against polished steel backdrops. It provided a really nice contrast to all of the marble. It was a pretty big museum so we wandered around till we were tired and then trekked down the hill to find a cab to take back to out hotel.

After a chill out we walked in our neighborhood to a tasty place called La Gallina Bianca. It was filled with locals and we had a tasty dinner of wine and pastas. By the end of the day it’s quite a blur after a whole day of sight seeing but I really enjoyed the casual ambiance of this place and the friendly service.

Tomorrow THE VATICAN!!!!!!!!!

I can’t promise to stop doing that…everything was so awesome!

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  1. carolannmcdaniel January 30, 2009 at 10:15 am #

    You so do not look like touristas. How did the boots work out? I loke ConnieLynns Tapestry coat. Very colorful

  2. miriamdema January 30, 2009 at 10:38 am #

    well i walked and walked and then walked some more so they worked out great! i wore the rockports mostly and they kept my toes dry and warm.