Love: Show re-cap

Thanks to Everybody that came out to Craft Riot!
Rose and I had a great time and it was prolly one of the best run small show’s either of us has been to this season. The organizers were super nice and welcoming and they even gave us a lunch voucher for a hot dog or a hamburger! How sweet is that? (remember if you’ve forgotten to grab lunch for these things your often stuck waiting it out or grabbing some very overpriced junk food.) We happened to be placed right next to either so we turned our tables inwards and created a booth space. People love to putter through our things checking everything out, it’s super great!

miriamdema-2008-213In other fronts, I belive I’ve finished the comission painting I’ve been working on! I’ve been dying to posts pics in progress but because it’s a gift I’ve got to keep my lips sealed. But I’ll post something after the holidays. I hope they love it!

Coming up this weekend is the Unique LA show! All of us are excited, it’s the last big show of the season and it looks to be fantastic! I have a few wristbands that allow for free entry so shoot me an email if you want one before they are all gone!

It’s decorating time here in the woods. I brought all the Christmas decoration boxes into the house and have started spreading the cheer around! Here’s a pic of our fireplace mantel, these awesome blue tinsel trees my mom just sent me and my collection of happy reindeer! I’m having a birthday party for myself next week so I want to get the house all Christmas dolled up for everyone! Hope your having fun with Christmas decorations as well!


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  1. pivyca December 10, 2008 at 11:50 am #

    Hey Miriam,
    If you still havea wristabnd or two, my co-worker and i could walk over the see you at the CalMart on our lunch break.

  2. Audelaine December 10, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    it was so great to see you guys!!! and the craft fair was cool and fun. okay, so your fireplace mantel is FANTASTIC, love all the red deer!