Love: Show re-cap, sunny days

The Village Venture Arts & Crafts Show this past Saturday in Claremont was loads of fun!
It was a great day, lots of people came by to say hello and the town of Claremont is sweetie pie cute! Amanda Lockrow and I arrived to set up our booth before dawn! We got every thing situated and then enjoyed a beautiful day talking with people and selling our wares.

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I treated myself to some cookies from Some Crust Bakery and lemmie tell you, YUM!
I’m gonna have to stop in whenever I’m in the the area! It’s a super cool bakery with great coffee and loads of yummy snacks!

Friends were selling at the same fair so we all made mad dashes to each others booths to check everything out. The Village Venture show is by far the biggest I’ve been a part of. I tend to prefer a smaller amount of vendors with fewer import goods but it was an interesting day.

After the tear down and repacking of the fair we all needed a stiff drink and some nourishment so we headed over to Walter’s where I had a delish Afghan dish of Cardamon chicken with this yummy mixed pilaf with all sorts of tasty things in it. YUM again.

Thanks to everyone that came out! It was a great day!

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  1. Amanda K Lockrow October 27, 2008 at 7:33 pm #

    We definitely had some delicious food that day! You forgot to mention our lovely patch of grass!