Making: 2009 Calenders.

It’s only September, but it’s all done!


I’ll be adding the new WISH print and the calendars to Etsy tomorrow, I’m just way too beat to do it tonight ’cause we went to the LA County Fair today!

Super fun and way bigger than my childhood fair, the Alameda County Fair.  We drank fresh lemonade, looked at strange infomercial things for sale, poked at Giant Rabbits, ate fresh Ice Cream made at the fair grounds, looked at more live stock, rode the Sky Tram, had beer samplers, ate pulled pork sammy’s with sweet potatoe fries, drank more beer, took photo booth pic, looked at all the home made jams, quilts, and table settings. Closed out the afternoon with a funnel cake and covered our selves with powered sugar.

It was awesome!
I may not be allowed near sugar for the next month 🙂


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  1. carol September 25, 2008 at 1:07 pm #

    I am soooo glad you got to go to the fair. Such cute photos; I think your cuteness has rubbed off on Jim.
    You always were a sucker for the fried items covered in strawberry goop and powdered sugar. This year at the State Fair we decided to try the fried exotics. For the record; fried and battered Oreos and Snickers Bar: Wierd. Frogs Legs:do not taste like chicken but have rich gamey flavor; Good. Brussels Sprouts: Tough. Blooming Onion with HOT hollandaise sauce:
    Addictive. No more fried till next year.
    LOOOVE the Bike calendars. Nice font.

  2. Audelaine September 28, 2008 at 8:54 am #

    your fair pix are awesome. 😉 and I LOVE the new bike calendars! great work, lady.