Love: Trinkets and baubles.

A little recap from the delightful SoCal Bench Project this weekend!
I got to see some great artists I’ve met before and meet some new folks that make beautiful things!
While selling my own prints I sneaked in some shopping and trades with a few of the other fantastic artists showing. Here’s a few from this wonderfully curated show. One of my favorite things to do after these shows is to see all of the websites and shops of the artist’s I have met

sami sue I picked up this delightful tote from sami sue. It’s bright and colorful and perfect for running out to dinner or like last night my swim suit and a book for hanging out at a friends. She makes light summer frocks out of industrial remnants that look so comfortable!

Chocolate and Steel mmm, chocolate!!! ok, so she doesn’t sell chocolate (although I am eating some right now) but she does make  delightful pendants impressed with cute animals and drawings. I love Mr. Owl! He makes me happy because we have owls where I live and they make a lovely hoo hoo hooing sound in the trees! Her packaging is also lovely but umm…I tore it to bits to get at the necklace to wear yesterday 😉 i guess you’ll just have to get your own to see!

Heather Palleiko’s If you haven’t seen Heather’s Jewelry designs please go check it out! She makes beautiful organic forms out of sterling silver. I deeply covey her beautiful shell series pieces! So pretty!

Also at the show were Amanda Lockrow and Porterness and a ton of other awesome vendors!

Thanks to everyone that made it out to the SoCal Bench Project this past weekend!

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  1. Tresijas August 11, 2008 at 3:02 pm #

    We had some SERIOUS good times and I’m so glad the stache went to a good home!

    I am in love with your print 🙂

  2. palleikodesigns August 11, 2008 at 5:03 pm #

    It was a fantastic event! It was so nice to get to talk with you more; I’m still thinking about Mr. Angry Owl. Thank you for including me in your blog.