Making: Handmade Brigade

Here’s a pic of my table set up at Handmade Brigade this past weekend.
You can see the sign the boy and I made earlier this year and the awesome stands my dad made for me.
I think next up I need to put together a floor stand for larger prints.
Prolly something that can be made flat for easy transport and is taller so people don’t have to bend over.


While I was at the show this past weekend I had a great idea to pass along to some of you!
Ever do a craft show where you wish your table was just a wee bit taller?
You’ll know if everyone is bending over to check out your wares and is constantly picking things up to get a closer look! This happens a lot with my tiny buttons.

Go to the hardware store and buy some PVC pipe that you can slip onto the bottom of the legs of the table to raise it up! I know this might be hard to visualize but most folding tables have a bend in their legs that will stop the legs into the pipes. We do this all the time for DJ tables at work and it works like a charm. The pipes prolly only need to be about 12 inches or so-maybe a tad longer and you need 4 pieces. Then for all the shows that provide tables all you need to do is bring the little legs to have an instantly taller table.


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  1. bethany July 17, 2008 at 5:27 am #

    miriam, speaking of set ups -what a great tip you’ve passed along. i’m going to tell my sister; it’s a perfect solution for jewelry tables. glad you had a good day.