Home: Hot air on a summer night.

It’s summer here. Summer in Los Angeles, late afternoons spent in pools, late night dining when it cools off and wandering the city trying to catch a cool breeze that really isn’t there. Friday night when I prowled back to my house I was greeted by these beautiful cactus blossoms. They had bloomed in the night air still hot from the summer days and appeared to be glowing in the dark. As it was so dark I could only really see them when the flash of the camera echoed off the surrounding area. As I shot picture after picture to catch a glimpse I could hear the neighbors dogs barking and howling at this new and confusing light flashing off the rocky hill. The next morning when I emerged into the already hot early day to water the plants I could see that the blossoms were wilted and limp on the prickly branches of the cactus. I have not seen them blooms with such vibrancy since that night.


This weekend I also scored some odd things from Craigslist, a fantastic Coyote Skull and a few other small skeleton remains. Perfect for drawing inspiration in the studio.


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