Going: Maker Fair recap

Maker Fair Weekend was AWESOME!!!

Saturday and Sunday was Maker Faire! We set up super fast and wandered around looking at what other folks were selling, lots of awesome stuff! I really wish I’d been able to get out more to see all of what was going on at the Faire.

I would get out for a minute here and there but now I really want to go to a Maker Faire and not actully sell anything. It was great seeing so many people I know! Practically everyone was either there to enjoy the Faire or doing something awesome to share with the public. Fire, crafts, silk screening, building stuff, clothes, tech stuff…I can’t even remember all of the awesome things the people I know were up to. Then you add in all the awesome stuff Holly’s friends were up to and it seemed like a whirlwind tour of the brains of all these awesome people we know! Every five minutes someone was coming by to say hello! I’m so glad I got to see everyone.
Here’s what our table looked like! The stand that we made worked out great and my print racks that my dad made continue to work out great also.
Holly was able to put her jewelry on the posts of the banner stand and it looked all fancy and stuff.

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  1. minnie May 19, 2008 at 8:00 am #

    Everyones posts about maker faire are all, “AWESOME! Overwhelming! overwhelmingly awesome!”
    I didn’t even manage to get a post out about it i was so overwhelmed!

    I did pick up a print from you there and i love it!!