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Love: Neat stuff I like!

Every so often i like to do a random blog post about all the neat stuff I’ve come across lately. Mostly stuff I’ve actully purchased and is now living in my sweet little home in the woods.

For the past few months I’ve been coveting this Teeny Tiny Log by PoodleBreath on Etsy. After Artwalk with a few pennies burning a whole in my pocket I snagged it! It’s a teeny tiny ceramic stump that lives on our fireplace mantle. It’s so tiny it’s balanced on a stack of glass slides from the 1940’s. She has also made Teeny Tiny Logs with saws and Teeny Tiny Log Business card holders. So Sweet!

Last week at Maker Faire I also picked up a few delightful trinkets! This print is by Orange Slice I love the colors and the ‘grown up lady quail’ feeling she puts off. I really like how easy peasy it is to buy a small card print, frame it and turn it into something special! You can get your own Lady Quail cards here

This tiny ceramic plate is by Ezme Designs
I just got completely distracted looking at the images on her site of her portfolio work.
Some of the recent work is fantastic! I keep peering at the photos to try to get closer to see more of the details! I really love the little birdie plate, I picked up a ceramic plate hanger yesterday and with a little re-working it is hanging in my bathroom above my make up jars.


Another great thing at Maker Faire was the “Postcard Machine From The Future”!
I got this great postcard that I framed yesterday, it’s super cool because it goes with the drapes in our kitchen. This link might explain the postcard machine better than I will and there is even a video link! Postcard Machine
It’s a super cute idea and I have to admit and it might have had more to do with the Bloody Mary’s that morning but I really wanted to give her all of my money to get one of each of the post cards! If you ever see a big tented box at a craft fair in a booth space, I highly advise you to check it out!
miriamdema-2008-135O.K. so there was a ton of awesome stuff at Maker, this post doesn’t even begin to cover it! I prolly would have spent all of my money if I didn’t have such a huge gas bill ($300.00 for the weekend!) and ended up having to replace the muffler on the Falcon when I got home!

So here is the last awesome thing, a pair of earrings from Swear Jar Designs A great metalsmith that came all the way from Colorado! And he was such a awesome guy he traded me these earrings for a print! He got the last blue ‘This Is My Grandmothers Gun’ and I got a great pair of bright red earrings.

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