Love: Art Walk

Thanks!! To everybody that came out to Art Walk!
We had an awesome turnout and I sold a slew of prints, buttons, totebags and Art!!!

I’m always curious to see what is the most popular out of new silk screen series, I pretty much sold out of the plane series and I sold quite a few Deer Bunnies. I’m down to just a few of older prints like the Owl, The Boxer and Ghostly Interiors.

Someone bought one of the larger gas mask prints titled “Protection” which always makes me super happy because not a lot of people go for the bigger prints.

Now to finish off a few new prints for the show in May!

Thanks Again!!!

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  1. Kim Bagwill April 13, 2008 at 7:29 am #

    Love your prints! Congrats on the art walk sales! That’s great. I keep meaning to go to it, but somehow I always forget when it is until it’s over. Guess I need to put it on my calendar.