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Love: Weirdness

There is this thing living in my fridge.  A month or so ago I bought a red cabbage to make slaw with. The slaw turned out great but I only needed half the cabbage so I put the other half back in the fridge and forgot about it.When I was cleaning out the produce bin a few day later I found this!


Oh my!!! It’s growing!!! In our fridge! I, of course was delighted. My boyfriend not so much. (he looked at me like i was crazy girl, but what ev!)I took a ton of pictures of it. I moved it to the top shelf of the fridge and spritzed it with water every day or so. Now it looks like this!

It’s grown to twice it’s size!
It seems to be getting all of it’s nutritional needs from the cabbage part of things.


Here’s what it looks like on the top shelf of the fridge.
I agree this has started to approach a demented level. There is a slowly rotting cabbage that is growing on the top shelf of our fridge…not exactly what you really want near all of your other consumables. But it’s so pretty! I fear it may be gone by the time I get back from Maker Faire this weekend. I suppose I could put it in the ground or something for it to make lots more baby cabbages…but I don”t really like cabbage all that much.
I just like that it is growing in our fridge.

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