Love: 2007, a year in review

A quick run down on the year, things to look back on and things to look forward to.

I moved into a new studio in January. I unpacked all my stuff for the last time in a bit and spread out into the shop and into the room inside the house. Between setting up the space in the shop to screen print in and setting up the studio I was able to create a few different areas for creativity. The inside studio has worked out quite well, the tables I built for my last space are compact and allow for me to work against the wall on larger paintings and drawings. Later in the year I was able to swap out the temp book shelves for larger ones.

The outside space is coming along nicely! This year year saw the acquisition of a few great tools in the screen printing shop.
1. a drying rack for prints
2. an inside ‘dirty’ sink
3. a professional paper cutter

Art Work:
Holy Cow I think I made a lot of stuff this year!
At least 2o completed print editions including multiple layer prints and completely original works.
A calender
6 super large paintings and a host of other random projects.

To make this much work in a new environment was a great accomplishment for me!

The Brewery Art Walk – The Brewery Studios, Los Angeles CA, October 2007
Felt Club XL Summer 2007 – Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles CA, July 2007
The Brewery Art Walk – The Brewery Studios, Los Angeles CA April 2007
Handmade for the Holidays, Los Angeles CA, November 2007
Black Maria, Atwater CA
Reform School, Silverlake CA
Screen printing Tutorial at Tujunga studio

I sold a slew of prints this year at ArtWalk and the two independent show I participated in
Prolly in the neghborhood of 200+ prints and a few paintings and drawings, including one of the larger 4 foot panels which was particularly exciting! I also sold out of a number of print editions that had been lingering for a number of years, those that have a ‘Grandmother’s Gun’… man are folks bummed they are gone!
And randomly over 500 buttons, all individually made of painting’s and drawings of mine.
(I’m prolly phasing out the ‘hella heart oakland’ buttons so get ’em while you can!)
So much work to be out in the world!!! So awesome that folks are digging what I’m making.

Half way though the year I got to upgrade to a way faster, happier computer and bigger ‘office’ work area! I didn’t think it would make a difference but it helped me to accomplish a few things.
1. change my negative process for screen printing from paper to transparencies
2.forced me to finally make the change from sorta using photoshop and a few other programs to only using photo shop 24 inch monitor allows me to work on multiple projects at once
4. continue using and develop my blog and web presence through etsy and other online stores

Later in the year as the weather got cold I started and completed a complete re-work of my web site. I learned how to clunkyly get around in Dream weaver. I’m super excited as to how this turned out, I did a lot of research looking at other sites and it turned out just the way I wanted.

Goals For This Year:

Simple Stuff
-Shims for bookshelves so they don’t fall over.
-New Screens, I would like to purchase some smaller screens to be used on a project by project basis.
-maybe move the tv into the inside studio? I know, not what some creative folks would have but I think I’m one of those that needs a low level background noise. And sometimes I use watching TV as a way to avoid being in the studio…so maybe If I’m in there more often, than more creative genius?
More complicated
-Better way to wash out Screens,
Still figuring this out, right now I wash them outside but this is unpredictable as I need ‘fair’ weather, better hoses, light?…hmm…
-a better measuring grid for paper cutter, because damn it, it’s metric!
-paint the wall of the shop, get rid of the butter yellow

Art work Goals:
-Better place to draw, I need to be doing this more often on a regular basis but it seems hard to get into the studio to take the time. i might set up some drawing stuff at my computer desk so I can do that here also
-Work more at Dreamweaver, get better at making sites in a quick manner. Continue to update site as work progresses
-Load more things and maintain Etsy store on a more regular basis
-Build functionality of store into my own site
-Build a new series of canvas’s to work on, phasing out the slim panels in favor of a more structured look. achieving a look between the smaller panels of 2004/2005 and the bigger panels of 2007.
-Continue to paint and draw, building those skills
-Figure out why the gesso I bought more recently is smoother and annoying…
-Continue to work on landscape painting’s when traveling
-New prints! not sure what these are going to be yet! More found imagery and quirky drawings i’m sure.
-Apply GTD method’s to Artwork tasks
-Letting the work develop more, acknowledging that this might mean I end up with less work but that it will hopefully result in deeper, richer work.

Bigger Things not Quite related to Art…but Really Everything is:
-Side projects, let’s stay focused shall we. none of these endless sewing projects or things in the desert (yes, it’s fun but sort of gets us off track)
-Continue going to the gym, time is not on my side my friends but eventually I’ll figure this one out.
-Continue to work on community building, connecting with other artists. perhaps start an artist group…I’ve been tinkering with this idea for a bit. maybe it’s time to get something together.
the only thing stopping me is primarily where i live but maybe thats not as much of an issue
-Travel, well, one of last years goals that developed was to get a passport without a destination in mind. and now i just need to figure out how to go about going somewheres…and where that somewheres is going to be…
-Teeth, as in keep them happy
-Car, as in keep it happy.

That’s enough for now, I think it’s time to go and draw.

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  1. Tyn January 8, 2008 at 8:12 pm #

    Girl! That is a LOT of stuff!!!
    When do you sleep??

  2. bethany January 13, 2008 at 3:01 pm #

    yeah miriam!

  3. miriamdema January 14, 2008 at 10:03 pm #

    thanks ladies!