Love: Squirrel

On the art front, I’m getting ready to shoot screens again. I’m also working on a new screen print of cable ends, xlr, rca, 1/4 inch because i look at them on a regular basis. This weekend is a mini screen printing lecture I’m giving at the studio. Photoshop isn’t very exciting so I havn’t much to post picture wise but the below is one of my favorite recent finds.


He’s wearing a sweater!!!!
and it’s a perfectly knitted sweater!!!

How did that happen??? Sometimes it’s better not to know but just construct elaborate fantasies about…

A woman who lived in the woods was once incessantly bothered by a squirrel who constantly ate all the seed from her bird feeder. Little did she know that this squirrel was trying to fill a deep aching hole of sadness inside himself with the large nugget like seeds. What was the squirrel’s sadness about you might wonder? The squirrel was sad he couldn’t knit! He would sit for hours on the edge of the bird feeder, eating seed after seed while watching the lady inside the house while she knitted beautiful sweater after sweater, afghan after afghan, gloves and scarves, hats and booties in countless colors.

As the squirrel looked on enviously he thought of how lucky he would be to have something cozy to wear on the cold wintry blustery nights! How his little paws though they could open seeds of various sizes just couldn’t seem to manage the needles it took to knit something as beautiful as what the lady inside could knit.

The one time he tried, it went poorly and he ended up just wrapping the yarn about himself while the wind whistled between the strands as he shivered eating more seed from the bird feeder.

One day a friend was visiting the lady. and as she looked out to the yard from inside the cozy cottage her eye caught the shivering squirrel eating the seeds. “he looks cold” the visiting friend stated.

Peering out at the squirrel the lady who bought the seed began to ponder”he does look slightly chilled” and so she sat down and began to knit. while drinking tea and eating chocolate chip scones with her visiting friend. Later that afternoon as she re-filled the bird feeder (again!) the lady left the tiny perfectly sized sweater made of cashmere yarn next to the feeder.

In the morning the squirrel was there pondering the world, eating seed like it was a gourmet dinner, and wearing a sweater.

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