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Making: in progress- OCTo

I realized this evening that I hadn’t been posting pictures of work in progress.
So I took a picture of the Octo painting I’m working on right now.

This evening I spent my studio time carefully painting in the ships and waves…only now when I’m looking at it, the right part of the last wave drives me crazy! Sorta slopes down in a very sad way… So, I’ll have to fix that but otherwise I’m diggin’ on the ships!

Vintage cruise liners, sailing the great open sea while lurking below…well, you get the idea!
Prolly when you see it next there will be a whole buncha blue in a nice fade from top to bottom… I hope. That’s the plan at this point.
Every time I look at it I just want to make the tentacle’s move and squirrel around!

And here’s the Antler Bicycle!!!
I’ve been kicking around with this drawing since I made it a year ago.
It was one of the things I made when I first moved here…I had everything in boxes, all packed up and I was trying to be sooo good by not unpacking and spreading all over the house that I wasn’t to be living in but only staying temporarily. But I finally caved and Jim happily encouraged me to unpack art supplies and make some stuff! I made some interesting sewing machine drawings and now I finally have a print of the Antler Bicycle that was one of those sewing machine drawings. (and my stuff is Permanently spread all over the house from one nook to another cranny:)


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