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Love: From Felt Club


miriamdema-2007-49I sell a lot of these “Oakland” buttons… Some of you have seen them.

They say “I hella heart Oakland” and it never stops amazing me how many of the durn things I sell in Los Angeles…tons of Oakland lovin’ peeps wandering around L.A.

But Last week at Felt Club I sold one thats going home…and this is how the conversation went…

Hipster Girl: Oh, I gotta get one of these for my brother!

Me: Yeah, does he live in Oakland?

Hipster Girl: Um, not really…sort of

Me: ok… (puzzled pause)

Hipster Girl: Well, he’s a Mormon Missionary assigned to Oakland.

Me: (choking on my Mango Frostee from 7-11 my boy brought me) Really!

Hipster Girl: Yep.

Me: Is he on a bicycle? (which really sends me over the edge, a mental picture of this Mormon Missionary boy riding all over Oakland wearing a “I Hella Heart Oakland” button on the lapel of his suite jacket!)

Hipster Girl: Yep, he’s on a bicycle!

Me: Oh, Awesome!

She bought the button to mail to him. Excellent!

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