Making: Totebags!!!

Totebags are done! 80 or so, in natural, red and black. Heres a pic of all of the designs I went with.
I went with short runs on these because I’m getting the hang of the fabric inks and I wanted to have a good selection. There are about 11 different designs, something for everyone! I have a feeling i’ll sell the black and red ones the fastest but they cost more so maybe not. If you’re reading this and you would like one I’ll selling them at Felt Club in a few weeks and they will prolly be 16.00 each for the natural ones and a tad more for the others.

Here’s a few prints from the last few weeks. I’m going to be working on some more complicated ones in the next few weeks so I’m super excited about that. They’ll have multiple layers! One with the cuddly pig and another with the ‘antler bicycle’.

“Angry?” 2007


“The Beat” 2007


“Shy” 2007
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