Making: paintings, prints, and totebags!

Here’s what I’ve been up to these last few weeks. Screen printing, painting and puttering about the studio in between working a new job. I’ve been having these crazy long days but things are happening and buzzing over here in the woods so it’s all goood!

This is the latest painting/drawing. It’s smaller than the others because I was experimenting with a new surface to print on. Hopefully I’ll have some new fresh panels to print/paint/draw on in the next week.

miriamdema-2007-30“The Moss”, June 2007
2’x2′ on board

And Here’s some new prints from the last few weeks!


“The Mask”, May 2007
18″x24″ on paper


“Cat”, June 2007
6″x10″ on paper


“Bird”, June 2007
6″x10″ on paper


“The Boxers”, June 2007
8″x10″ on paper
“Angry Owl” June 2007
8″x10″ on paper
“The Drill Bit” June 2007
9″x12″ on paper
And the Tote bags!
I printed my website on one side and now I’m working my way through the images I want to print on the front side. Tonight I printed this great image of a heart of red and on natural tote bags. Here’s some sorta crappy pics because the lighting in the shop is sorta crappy but you get the idea. I’m going to sell them at Felt Club in July so stay tuned!

Close-up of the heart.


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