Love: If there’s a buck in it….

I read an article in the New York Times today, about the use of Deer, Antlers, Taxidermy and the like…it was titled If There’s a Buck In It Somewhere sorta raised the issue in my mind of when something becomes a trend is it only a short time before it becomes out of style?

Are antlers the next big thing those hip kids love to hate?

Interesting, as at Art Walk last month I sold out of a new addition of a print that has a Deer head printed on assorted maps. 14 deer prints soon to be out of style languishing at the bottom of closets never being framed…somehow i doubt it. The image itself is roughly 40 years old and still looks as fresh today as it did it the vintage zoology book i lifted it from.

Mostly anybody that knows me has seen my random collection of taxidermy and knows my penchant for all things stuffed, preserved and mounted! Somehow it doesn’t squeak me out and I have no problem petting something with it’s glassy green eyes staring back out at me. Reading the Times article reminded me of a field trip I’ve been meaning to take to a place in Burbank called Bischoff’s. Basically a place that rents out taxidermy for movies and such. Check out the pics I took here Flickr to see all sorts of dead things. My favorite moments were the squirrel shelf…or the gaggle of penguins…or the two beached looking seals!

Holy shit it was all awesome! Lot’s of different creatures and all of it could be rented. It was sort of a trip to be taking a picture of something and then back up to get a better shot only to back into something else and then realize if that fell it would take a whole flock of peacocks down with it! On the slightly creepy side was walking into a room full of dogs “sleeping” peacefully. I Highly recommend checking it out, they were super friendly when I told them i was an artist looking to possibly rent something for an installation. Though I think I’m more inclined to buy my taxidermy than pay the rental rates.

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