Making: In progress

It’s been a busy few weeks! Here’s how things are going, slow going on the bunnies but I started another canvas with the most excellent boxing image. When I went to a rummage sale last month I picked up an awesome vintage boxing book chock o’block full of cool images. I printed a great heart next to the text and it’s close…need to work out a few more areas but it’s close to being done. The bunnies…well, I tried this evening to print my ‘star’s’ that I’ve been using but the screen didn’t print well so I gotta re-expose that in the coming month and try again.

I started a few more edition prints that I hope to have done by art walk. I’m not gonna try and have screen’s exposed by then I’m going to use some spray paint stencils with images I already have on screens, one is a gold background with a white skeleton image and I’m working on another version of the antler bicycle. Also, an edition of the deer heads on maps..that one will be easy though… I might have a total of five new editions and about 50-75 prints by artwork.



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