Making: In progress

I gotta say…it feels a bit strange to post things that are not finished. Very revealing and such. Last night i was working on panel #4 and I wasn’t really feeling it. I wanted to have spent sometime in the studio and all I really did was create a problem that I had to ‘fix’. I waited too late to ‘work’ and then I was tired so things didn’t go so swell.
But today was able to shift the piece back into what I felt was the right direction. Sometimes I feel that making art is completely ephemeral, like the air has to be just right or some bull shit. The first image is what it look like right now, and the image below is what’s below the surface, aka what I had to work on fixin’. In the long run I like what happened though because in applying the first layer it now has a really nice layer of depth and a great texture that will hopefully screen print on nicely. If you click on the image you might be able to see it better. I still like the drippy bit on the left… I like drippy bits.


Pay no attention to that bright pink! It’s gone now.


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