Making: The art

Get to the good stuff, right? 🙂 Here it is, this is what’s doing at casa miriam dema or in the studio at least. I started these quiet a while ago, It would embarrass me if I told you when i cut the wood for them. I think it was thanksgiving of 2005…sigh, sometimes making things gets interrupted by life!
These are four foot by four foot panels of luann ply that I gesso and then apply and paint on.
I started them slightly at the Dutch Boy before the big move, worked on them at the downtown loft but have really gotten going since the move back up the hill to Casa King. I’m thinking that I will continue to post images as the panels evolve, currently there are four panels and I plan on getting some more wood and adding more to make them an ongoing series.

My immediate plan also includes screen printing on them to create another layer of text/image/texture. Unlike a lot of the work I do like printmaking and installations I am trying to let this series evolve on their own without a predetermined idea of how they will look when they are finished Which is really hard for me, ’cause i’m something of a control freak.

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