Making: makin’ art, thinkin’ ’bout art and snacks…

Hi there! You’ve found yourself at the very first post on my blog.

I started this blog in 2007 as a way to share my art making with my friends and family after I moved from Oakland to Los Angeles. It’s many years later and I’ve kept up with it- making art and other things and sharing our adventures along the way.

If you find some broken links or mis-sized photo’s please keep in mind that I migrated from a blogger blog to wordpress in 2014. Sorry about any glitches you might find along the way.

Back to 2007 now:

Into the fray…

Art, I think about it a lot.
Sometimes it’s capital ART
and sometimes it’s whispered lightly into my ear in the dead of the night.

I make art,
sometimes lower case art.
(I should really think bigger…I’m working on that)
Art that I like.
Art that makes me happy.

Sometimes people buy it,
and sometimes I refuse to sell it.

So I thought I’d keep a log of what I’m making.
The good, the bad, the dirty…the what not.
So that I can see what happens
and so that those people who dig what I’m up to can see what happens.
(I’m refraining now from a holla out the the ‘East Bay’…fuck it,
East O I miss you!

Your ruff and tumble ways,
the siren sound of the am track,
the cold of the fog.
Most dearly all my awesome friends,
L.A. would be more the awesome if you were here with me.

Sometimes I will post about snacks,
because I love snacks.

That is all for the moment.
Oh, and for the back story check out my portfolio
miriam dema

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