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Making: Lazy Sunday’s

Sundays, lazy sundays…the perfect day for updating the blog with a few images. Here’s how things are going,
I started screen printing in the shop last weekend! Pretty cool, still a bunch of kinks to work out but I got some images on a few of the boards. Like the serpent spine designs on the one below. I’m working on screen printing the dancers in today, they go over the white outlined shapes… Because I have to line each one up I have to print them separately. I’m feeling really close to being done with this piece…


The first two panels are done I believe. I’m still working on titles and I’ll take final pics when I’m sure they are done.
I’m thinking of varnishing them for a more ‘finished’ look but I have to do a few tests first to see if I like the way they look. It’s funny, because these paintings…Jim and I talk about them a lot.

They are so close to the center of the house that it’s hard not to interact with them and discuss them as they progress. Making them has really been about allowing them to evolve on their own without a predetermined idea of how they will look when they are done, it’s been fun to discuss them as things change. Sometimes I feel more successful with whats happening and sometimes not so much. I get excited about little things like finally painting in the brains on one and how suddenly the colors locked together and the background smoothed out.

Backgrounds…I think for a bit the backgrounds are really busy when I start and I keep adding things and it keeps getting busier and busier and i wonder if maybe I should have left it with just the white gesso. There is this certain moment when all of the ‘busy’ stops competing with each other and just sort of clicks into place and suddenly it’s not so busy anymore…everything smooths out and what you want to see comes to the front.

He says it also happens with music when he’s composing…which seems so much less tangible than a painting to me. It’s really amazing when things suddenly feel right, it’s almost as if invisible puzzle pieces have been turning round and round to match up and then almost without realizing it they shift and come into focus and become one. When I look at them I sort of feel like they look like pieces of found billboards in my head. With images and drawings and found scraps of paper…like a big pages of a sketchbook…a really, really big sketchbook.



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